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Hearing Kids audiological practice

Hearing Kids – A Different Kind of Audiological Practice

At Hearing Kids audiology we specialize in auditory processing and related elements…

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7 Signs That It Is Time to Take Your Child to the ENT Specialist

ENT stands for Ear, Nose and Throat. Here we are focusing exclusively…

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Hearing Kids insurance

Does My Insurance Cover Your Services?

The only way to know if your insurance covers Hearing Kids‘ services,…

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No End Date In Sight (We Can Give A Time Frame)

Unless you are in a Tibetan monastery, schools are not known for…

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Too Much Confidence in the Hearing Screening

Sue was 16 months old when the speech therapist realized Sue was…

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Missing: The Sign Post

“Joe has ADD,” his father informed me. “Can you test him to…

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APD, It Takes A Village…Or A Team

APD, It Takes A Village…Or A Team

Because of the tendency for many comorbid issues to exist alongside APD,…

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What Should I Look For In A Treatment Plan?

Here are some things you might want to consider: Architectural modification –…

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ADD or APD Fatigue

How Do I Know If It’s Attention Deficit or Auditory Processing Disorder?

This is such an important question, as the two conditions often present…

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differential diagnosis puzzling developmental delays

What Is The Hearing Kids Difference?

Do you feel like your child is a puzzle and you are…

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