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Auditory Processing Disorder Awareness Day

Did you know that April 4th is APD Awareness Day? In honor…

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Just What Does An Audiologist Do?

    An audiologist helps you maximize your quality of life by…

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Time Is Of The Essence

Too often health issues go unaddressed…until the situation becomes urgent. Unfortunately, by…

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Assessment Options for Auditory Processing Disorder

There are different approaches we can take in our goal to assess…

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Physiological Assessments of the Auditory System

As a follow up to our introduction on creating an assessment battery…

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Behavioral Assessments

Approaches Physiological assessments have a simple approach, measure the function of the…

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No End Date In Sight (We Can Give A Time Frame)

Unless you are in a Tibetan monastery, schools are not known for…

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Reading disability

Which Reading Remediation Program is Right For You?

Orton-Gillingham Wilson LiPS Seeing Stars Barton KIPP Read 180 Reading RocketĀ … Have…

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The Great Debate: Is APD “Real”?

The Debate A great debate exists questioning whether Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)…

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Speech vs. Non-speech Tests in APD Diagnosis

The debate continues… Speech vs. non-speech tests For certain auditory processing assessments…

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