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Looking for the right APD provider?

What Can I Expect From My APD Assessment?

This is a common question, “what can I expect to happen at…

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What Is Misophonia and What Can Be Done For It?

Definition What is Misophonia?  Simply put, misophonia is a hatred of sound.…

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7 Signs That It Is Time to Take Your Child to the ENT Specialist

ENT stands for Ear, Nose and Throat. Here we are focusing exclusively…

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Hearing Kids insurance

Does My Insurance Cover Your Services?

The only way to know if your insurance covers Hearing Kids‘ services,…

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Bottoms Up

Bottom-up, not Top-down That’s how you climb up a ladder to reach…

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Why Do I Need An Audiologist When I Can Get A Hearing Aid Online So Conveniently?

  Baseline Data How do you know if you need a hearing…

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