Just What Does An Audiologist Do?

    An audiologist helps you maximize your quality of life by ensuring you optimize your auditory access to communication. This is done through these professional activities…     —————————————————-   Assess the entire auditory system —————————————————-   Catch other comorbid conditions —————————————————-   Diagnose auditory disorders —————————————————-   Manage auditory disorders —————————————————-   Provide…

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Hearing Kids – A Different Kind of Audiological Practice

Hearing Kids audiological practice

Before asking you to listen, we’ve started by doing the listening.You’ve asked and we’ve answered. Q:  My child’s hearing is fine, but they still don’t seem to listen.  Is this a behavior problem?A: It can be.  This is a more likely possibility if your child is a tween and this is a new affect.Most often…

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