Diagnostic Process

Want to learn more about what goes into the process of (accurately) diagnosing?
Here are some considerations...

Hearing Kids audiological practice

Hearing Kids – A Different Kind of Audiological Practice

Before asking you to listen, we’ve started by doing the listening.You’ve asked…

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What Does Your Child’s Educational Evaluation Really Tell You?

All parents want the best for their children. To advocate for your…

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Too Much Confidence in the Hearing Screening

Sue was 16 months old when the speech therapist realized Sue was…

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ADD or APD Fatigue

How Do I Know If It’s Attention Deficit or Auditory Processing Disorder?

This is such an important question, as the two conditions often present…

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“Minimal Hearing Loss”, Big Impact

What is Minimal Hearing Loss? There is a special category we use…

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Assessment Options for Auditory Processing Disorder

There are different approaches we can take in our goal to assess…

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Physiological Assessments of the Auditory System

As a follow up to our introduction on creating an assessment battery…

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Behavioral Assessments

Approaches Physiological assessments have a simple approach, measure the function of the…

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Speech vs. Non-speech Tests in APD Diagnosis

The debate continues… Speech vs. non-speech tests For certain auditory processing assessments…

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Looking for the right APD provider?

What Can I Expect From My APD Assessment?

This is a common question, “what can I expect to happen at…

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What Is Misophonia and What Can Be Done For It?

Definition What is Misophonia?  Simply put, misophonia is a hatred of sound.…

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7 Signs That It Is Time to Take Your Child to the ENT Specialist

ENT stands for Ear, Nose and Throat. Here we are focusing exclusively…

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