Q: What ages do you service?
A: Birth through 35 years old.


Q: Do you see people older than age 35 ?
A: Yes, but we prefer not to.


Q: Why?
A: Once a person reaches 35 years old the affects of aging on the hearing system start to show.  Such a person would benefit from a hearing aid assessment annually and amplification as soon as hearing loss is identified.  Auditory access is the first step to optimal listening and influences the effectiveness of any therapies.  At Hearing Kids we currently do NOT offer hearing aids and as such don’t feel that our practice is the best place for you to begin your listening improvement journey.  Once you have optimized your auditory access we are happy to help optimize your listening with our comprehensive services.


Q: What if my child cannot or will not respond?
A:  We offer a number of tests that simply require the child to sit calmly and quietly, no active response necessary.


Q: Won’t my child get bored?
A:  Your child can watch a soundless video while the equipment does the work.


Q: How long does testing take?
A: That depends on which assessment you need.  You can the time and price when you go to the scheduling page.


Q: Will my insurance cover your services?
A:  There is no way for us at Hearing Kids to know what your particular plan with your provider will cover.  We will provide you with a medical bill, free of charge, that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement, provided that you request so in writing no later than at time of service.  Further more you can use your FSA or HSA card to avoid the out-of-pocket expense.


Q: Why is a Hearing Kids assessment out-of-pocket?
A: Because we give you what you need, not just what insurance will cover.


Q: How much does an assessment cost?
That depends on what you want included in your assessment and whether or not you want a comprehensive report for your child’s school.  You can see the prices on the scheduling page


Q: Is APD treatable?
A:  Some components are treatable and some components are manageable.  More treatment options are being released every day.


Q: How young can I have my child tested for APD?
A: Currently APD can be assessed as young as 3.5 years, but only diagnosed at age 7+


Q:  Why would I test before age 7 if you can’t diagnose?
A:  Because the sooner treatment begins the less of an impact it his on related development, such as language development and social skills and treatment is more effective due to better neural plasticity.