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What Does Your Child’s Educational Evaluation Really Tell You?

All parents want the best for their children. To advocate for your…

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Missing: The Sign Post

“Joe has ADD,” his father informed me. “Can you test him to…

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APD, It Takes A Village…Or A Team

APD, It Takes A Village…Or A Team

Because of the tendency for many comorbid issues to exist alongside APD,…

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ADD or APD Fatigue

How Do I Know If It’s Attention Deficit or Auditory Processing Disorder?

This is such an important question, as the two conditions often present…

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differential diagnosis puzzling developmental delays

Finding The Missing Pieces

Do you feel like your child is a puzzle and you are…

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language disorder vs auditory processing disorder are contributors to reading disorders

Language Processing Disorder vs. Auditory Processing Disorder

Same or Different? Just what is the difference between language processing disorder…

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Auditory Processing Disorder Awareness Day

Did you know that April 4th is APD Awareness Day? In honor…

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Just What Does An Audiologist Do?

    An audiologist helps you maximize your quality of life by…

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Time Is Of The Essence

  Too often health issues go unaddressed…until the situation becomes urgent. Unfortunately,…

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Assessment Options for Auditory Processing Disorder

There are different approaches we can take in our goal to assess…

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Reading disability

Which Reading Remediation Program is Right For You?

Orton-Gillingham Wilson LiPS Seeing Stars Barton KIPP Read 180 Reading Rocket … Have…

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The Great Debate: Is APD “Real”?

The Debate A great debate exists questioning whether Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)…

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