Is your child struggling in school or at home?

Did you know the problem could be their auditory processing?

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Why Hearing Kids?

Hearing Kids is here to bring you peace of mind. We are committed to identifying the underlying physiological function that’s causing your child’s academic or behavioral issue. When you don’t know what’s wrong—when you’ve tried evaluation after evaluation, treatment after treatment—we help you finally find the answer.


  • • Auditory Acuity
    How clearly your child hears
  • • Auditory Processing
    Your child's perception of time and space and ability to understand speech
  • • Neurological Development
    How your child’s mind grows
  • • Academic Excellence
    How to help your child in the classroom
  • • Misophonia
    How to help your child tolerate currently intolerable sounds


  • • Amptify (formerly clEAR Aural Rehabilitation)
  • • Customized earplugs
  • • Dichotic Interaural Intensity Differences (DIID)
  • • EASe Auditory Integration Training
  • • FastForword
  • • Forbrain
  • • Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)
  • • Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)
  • • Therapeutic Listening

About Chanie

Hearing Kids founder Chanie Monoker, CCC-A, is a licensed audiologist in both New York and New Jersey. She received her Master’s degree in Communication Sciences from Hunter College. She has spent the last 3 decades focusing on the learning process, teaching and treating preschool, elementary school, high school, and college-aged students. She has worked as an educational audiologist and a developmental interventionist with special focus on children with hearing impairment.  She created the developmental audiologist model when she recognized that for all other areas of development, we assess the child based on where they should be in their development at that age, and do not wait until full maturation before providing necessary interventions.

Chanie is mother to six children into whom she imparted her love of learning and an eagerness to ask her favorite question: Why?

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