Developmental Audiologist

In all likelihood, you have never heard of a developmental audiologist before coming to Hearing Kids. You may be wondering, just what is a developmental audiologist and how do they differ from a clinical or educational audiologist? Clinical audiologists are healthcare professionals, who measure a person’s ability to hear sounds and appropriately catagorize the type…

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Bottoms Up

Bottom-up, not Top-down That’s how you climb up a ladder to reach the top. You can’t magically get to the top if you are at the bottom, you need to work your way up. No one started out by riding a unicycle or walking a tightrope.  They first rolled over, crawled, pulled to stand, stood,…

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Does My Insurance Cover Your Services?

Hearing Kids insurance

The only way to know if your insurance covers Hearing Kids‘ services, is to check with your insurance company.   Insurance companies cover their stated services when they deem it medically necessary.  An auditory medical issue would include middle ear fluid.  It need not include a developmental delay and most certainly does not include an academic…

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The Great Debate: Is APD “Real”?

The Debate A great debate exists questioning whether Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is even “real”? Could APD exist when test items are speech based or should a diagnosis be based only on tests using non-speech items?  (For more about speech vs. non-speech based APD testing see here.) This thinking was based on the belief that…

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Which Reading Remediation Program is Right For You?

Reading disability

Orton-Gillingham Wilson LiPS Seeing Stars Barton KIPP Read 180 Reading Rocket … Have you ever wondered why there are so many reading programs? The Situation Perhaps you suspect your child has trouble reading and would like to optimize the help you get through your child’s school? Maybe the school has informed you they would like to…

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Assessment Options for Auditory Processing Disorder

There are different approaches we can take in our goal to assess auditory processing. There are benefits and limitations to each of these approaches. Part of what you need to clarify is this, what are you trying to accomplish with your assessment? The answer is not as obvious as it may seem. If your goal…

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Time Is Of The Essence

  Too often health issues go unaddressed…until the situation becomes urgent. Unfortunately, by waiting so long the situation can become critical and/or irreversible. Think of the person who dismisses a heart attack because he thinks, “It’s probably just indigestion and will pass soon.  I don’t want to make a big deal out of nothing.” Auditory…

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Just What Does An Audiologist Do?

    An audiologist helps you maximize your quality of life by ensuring you optimize your auditory access to communication. This is done through these professional activities…     —————————————————-   Assess the entire auditory system —————————————————-   Catch other comorbid conditions —————————————————-   Diagnose auditory disorders —————————————————-   Manage auditory disorders —————————————————-   Provide…

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Language Processing Disorder vs. Auditory Processing Disorder

language disorder vs auditory processing disorder are contributors to reading disorders

Same or Different? Just what is the difference between language processing disorder vs. auditory processing disorder? The answer is not simple.  Even more importantly, this is a touchy subject that evokes a lot of passionate opinions amongst various professionals.  This includes the obvious audiologist and speech-language pathologist as well as the less obvious educational psychologist…

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