What Does Your Child’s Educational Evaluation Really Tell You?

All parents want the best for their children.
To advocate for your child’s educational best be sure to be informed.
What do your child’s tests really tell you?
What is actually being tested?
What are the underlying functions necessary to perform well on the test?
Are those (bottom-up) functions/processes working properly?
Simple things like an eye exam or a hearing test should not come after years of failed remediation.  These are the entryway into the brain for learning.
If a child is diagnosed with a hearing loss and was then given a test without the IEP mandated accommodations, the results of that test would be considered invalid.
What if a child has an undiagnosed hearing loss?
Perhaps your child has an auditory processing disorder
,  how would that impact test results for an auditorily administered test?
Are you really testing language or cognitive skills if the child cannot properly hear the test instructions and materials?
It is important to remember that even if your child had a hearing screening, this is insufficient if your child is struggling (learn why here)Hearing screening vs hearing test audiogram
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