Hearing Aids Are Not Glasses

The comparison of a sophisticated piece of technology like a hearing aid to a simplistic tool like glasses is actually a disservice.

let’s find something that is more on point in helping us understand hearing aids and the support it requires.
Rather than comparing hearing aids to glasses let’s compare it to a camera.
The better the quality of a camera and the more features is has the better quality the pictures.
Perhaps you want a good zoom feature?
Or the ability to take pictures with a panoramic perspective?
Maybe a filter that helps you focus in a way that highlights what you want?

Now, picture this: What if someone with a visual impairment could use camera technology to enhance their vision? It’s not such a far-fetched idea, is it?

But here’s the thing to consider:
Imagine the doctor only teaches you how to take care of the tech before sending you on your way?
Would that make sense to you?
You would expect some training, like for any other prosthetic, on how to learn to function with the device.

The journey to unlocking your hearing potential goes beyond a simple deviceā€”it requires professional auditory training and support.

Maybe it’s time to challenge the status quo, reshape our expectations, and embrace the idea that hearing aids are a device that requires training for integration.

Regardless of where you buy your device, do you know which audiologist offers the auditory training?