Finding The Missing Pieces

differential diagnosis puzzling developmental delays

Do you feel like your child is a puzzle and you are missing some of the pieces?
At Hearing Kids we are here to provide those missing pieces.                                         From differential diagnosis amongst the confusing, often overlapping, alphabet soup that makes up developmental disorders, to customized targeted treatments.
This means we not only identify if your child has an auditory issue or not, we inform you what type of auditory issue – acuity, processing or a combination.

But we know that’s not enough.
You need to know what type of APD you are dealing with.  Our comprehensive testing reveals that.

But we know that’s not enough.
A child can have an auditory issue and a visual issue, vestibular issue, motor issue, executive functioning issue or any combination of the above.

But we know that still may not be enough.
These assessments identify what is causing the struggle.
You may want to know what are your child’s strengths with which you can tap into to build up his function.

And we know this is still not enough.
The point of a diagnosis is to drive treatment that will work.
To that end, we provide customized remediation for your type of APD.
If other diagnoses are indicated during our testing process, we guide you as to how to find a targeted discipline specific provider that offers the remediation you need.  A provider who is best suited given your child’s limitations and strengths.

Instead of feeling like you are navigating uncharted waters in a piecemeal fashion, we are here to ensure there is a unified and cohesive team effort, with you at the helm, where you belong.
Our unique tiered level assessment lets you decide what you need without overlooking anything important.  Each tier includes the components of the previous tier(s), culminating in our masterful “Academic Excellence”.  Designed and named to help your child achieve just that, their excellence.

We pride ourselves on being a service provider, not a product seller.  In fact, we don’t offer hearing aids here.
We are offering you a place where you can assess everything you need, in one location, during one visit, to help you reach your goals for your child.

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