What Is Misophonia and What Can Be Done For It?


Definition What is Misophonia?  Simply put, misophonia is a hatred of sound. After the definition nothing is simple. Diagnosis or Symptom? Just why is dealing with it so perplexing? Misophonia is largely diagnosed based on a behavioral subjective symptom, the angry outburst.  Diagnoses are based on quantifiable (physiological) objective measures called signs.  A quantifiable measure…

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What Can I Expect From My APD Assessment?

Looking for the right APD provider?

This is a common question, “what can I expect to happen at my APD assessment?” Only the audiologist you are seeing can tell you what to expect. What I can share with you is what you should look for: You want to walk away feeling your professional understands your struggle and was able to offer…

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Assessment Options for Auditory Processing Disorder

There are different approaches we can take in our goal to assess auditory processing. There are benefits and limitations to each of these approaches. Part of what you need to clarify is this, what are you trying to accomplish with your assessment? The answer is not as obvious as it may seem. If your goal…

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Too Much Confidence in the Hearing Screening

Sue was 16 months old when the speech therapist realized Sue was hearing impaired. However, the pediatrician did not want to give a referral because Sue had passed her newborn hearing screening. Testing revealed that Sue had been progressively losing her hearing in the last few months… and she now needed a cochlear implant! Ken…

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What Does Your Child’s Educational Evaluation Really Tell You?

All parents want the best for their children. To advocate for your child’s educational best you want to be informed. space saver Your Questions What do your child’s tests really tell you? What is actually being tested? What are the underlying functions necessary to perform well on the test? Are those (bottom-up) functions/processes working properly?…

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