Hearing Kids – A Different Kind of Audiological Practice

Hearing Kids audiological practice

Before asking you to listen, we’ve started by doing the listening.
You’ve asked and we’ve answered.

Q:  My child’s hearing is fine, but they still don’t seem to listen.  Is this a behavior problem?
A: It can be.  This is a more likely possibility if your child is a tween and this is a new affect.
Most often the issue is fluctuating hearing due to middle ear fluid.
We have designed our process to optimize catching this issue.  This can be tricky to do without the commonly recognized sign of ear pain.
The cause could also be an auditory processing disorder (APD).  At Hearing Kids audiology we specialize in auditory processing and related elements that impact auditory processing. 

Q: My child was diagnosed with APD, but the program I tried didn’t work.  What went wrong?
A: The first thing we want to know is what type of APD does your child have? 
Sometimes you are simply told either you have it or you don’t and given a generic treatment program.  At Hearing Kids audiology we specialize in figuring out what type of APD and offering a customized protocol so that you get the solutions you need.

Q:  My child is 5 and I have been told they are too young to test for APD.  But they are already struggling now.  What should I do?
A:  Hearing Kids audiology offers assessments, based on auditory development, as young as 4 years old.  We completely agree with you, a child’s auditory processing should be assessed when they are struggling to develop and not only after the system should be fully mature.  We do not wait for speech to be fully developed before assessing age appropriate function.  The same is true for gross motor skills, we don’t wait until a child should walk, refusing to acknowledge they aren’t rolling over or crawling.

Q:  My child is struggling in a few areas?  Does it have to be ear related?  Can it be something else?  How many specialists can I go to?!?
A:  We hear you.
So we have a designed a unique tiered level assessment model.
You decide what questions you want answered and get the assessment you need, all in one place in one visit.

By not focusing on what is typically a big part of an audiological practice we are able to specialize in auditory processing, physiological development and health. 

Do you need help with:

  • Irreversible hearing loss?
  • Assistive listening devices?
  • Batteries?
  • Hearing Aid repair?
  • Cerumen management?
  • Cochlear implant mapping?
  • Hearing conservation protocol? 
  • Hearing conservation supplies?
  • Vestibular testing?

Then I am sorry, but Hearing Kids is not the practice you are looking for.

However, if you need help with:

  • Auditory processing
  • A deep dive assessment of auditory contributors to your child’s speech or motor delay
  • Catching a fluctuating hearing issue
  • Educational remediation plan
  • Hyperacusis
  • Misophonia
  • Differentiating between conditions that present similarly to APD, such as ADD, ASD, LPD, LD, SPD, etc…
  • Looking at the whole picture in one place in a single visit, to help you strategize and prioritize in an effective fashion

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