What Can I Expect From My APD Assessment?

Looking for the right APD provider?
This is a common question, “what can I expect to happen at my APD assessment?”

Only the audiologist you are seeing can tell you what to expect.

What I can share with you is what you should look for:
  • You want to walk away feeling your professional understands your struggle and was able to offer testing that demonstrated your experience.
  • You want a diagnosis that specifies what type of APD you have and not simplistically informs you, “yes you have APD” or “no you don’t”.
  • Your report should include a treatment plan, as that is the point of a diagnosis.¬† This is why type of APD is so important to know, as this information drives effective remediation.
  • Ideally, if there are other contributing factors your professional will recognize them and refer you to an appropriate allied provider with specific observations, “I noticed _____________ which suggests ADD/ASD/LPD/SPD/VPD. You should have that looked at by a developmental pediatrician/SLP/OT…

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